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1. Obsolescence

What is the average used age available or when are owners replacing the greens mower?

    • Golf courses will usually trade-in their greens mowers every 4-5 years, depending on budgets and the amount of maintenance/downtime the greens mower is beginning to generate. Shopping for which used models and years are available today (ebay, craigslist etc) is good indication of when the maintenance costs begin to creep higher during the life of the greens mower.

    • Checking with your local golf course superintendent ​is one great place to start when evaluating particular brands. Make sure the brands you are considering are trusted by superintendents at major golf courses. The superintendent can certainly speak to the brand's durability, cut quality, expected maintenance, height adjustment process, ability to sharpen etc. 

    • Hudson Star mowers are used at many of the best-known golf courses in the country. Pebble Beach, TPC Boston, Trump National, Hudson National, etc. have all selected Hudson Star for their hard-to-reach, sensitive, or their most manicured greens.

    • As we've followed up with many of our customers from over the years to check-in, we have found numerous customers still using and loving their Hudson Star 10-12+ years later. No engine and no maintenance equals longer life span. 

2. Sharpening
  • Can you sharpen the blades yourself or does it require sending blades in for servicing?

    • Depending on the brands, you may be required to ship the blades in ​every time they need to be sharpened.  This costs sometimes between $160-$200 each time. Depending on the square footage of the green, home putting green enthusiasts may need to re-sharpened at least 1-2 times/year, while superintendents sharpen more. Sending blades in can be inconvenient due to the down time required while you wait for the blades to be returned. Consider if there are risks on your green of hitting small sticks, twigs, or stones which damages the blades more often requiring additional sharpenings throughout the year. 

    • With Hudson Star models, you don't need to send it or take it in to get sharpened. You can get your blades sharpened and ready for a professional manicured cut in under 10 minutes. 

  • Is disassembly required with the reel/blade?

    • Different brands have various sharpening processes. Some require multiple tools to remove the blade assembly and other components. If you're sending in your blades to get sharpened every time, ensure it is a simple process. Consider if there are risks on your green of hitting small sticks, twigs, or stones which damages the blades more often requiring additional sharpenings throughout the year. 

  •  With Hudson Star, the only disassembly is unscrewing the gear cover so you can attach your backlapping handle. All other parts and screws remain intact and in place. 

  • How much time will sharpening take?​​

    •  ​Various brands have different sharpening procedures. Consult with the manufacturer to determine.

  •  Hudson Star mowers typically get to a professionally sharp blade in less than 10 minutes. People that are sharpening  for their first time usually complete in under 15 minutes while following the directions. 

3. Maintenance
  • At what age do they typically see mowers with problems?

    • Don't be afraid to ask the manufacturer or their maintenance department what the expected life cycle is from the mower.  What is the warranty on the engine?

  • What problems do they see first and most frequently?

    • Potential future problems and costs to consider with the greens mower:

      • Clutch?

      • Belts?

      • Ignition components or engine string/starter assembly?

      • Fuel system or carburetor?

      • Filter?

      • Engine Warranty? 


  • ​ Hudson​ Star Classic Cut does not have any of these components, eliminating any future potential down time and costs  associated with these parts.  


  • What are the average replacement, service, and/or labor costs when repaired?

    • Depending on the brand, you may need to take the mower in for servicing or repair, costing more in labor. 


  •  Hudson Star's assembly is very easy that we've had very little trouble in mailing out parts to the customer for their  own replacement. We're happy to walk you through any repairs in your home. Or if it's easier and more convenient for  you, send the mower back in and we'll do the replacement and and give it a free tune-up while it's in the shop. 

4. Performance
  • Are customers happy with the performance and cut 3, 5, or 10+years later? 

    • Request references from the manufacturer.  

  •  From our customer follow-ups numerous years after the purchase, many conversations have revealed that people are  still very appreciative of the cut and durability of the greens mower. Hudson Star greens mowers lasts longer than the life of  your green. ​Feel free to request customer references from us. We're happy to find you a nearby owner that  can answer your questions and speak from their experiences.  

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