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2019 Demo Program

Our Professional Greens Mower Shipped  To Your Facility.

Love it? Keep It and We'll Invoice You. 

Not For Your Course? Send it back for Free (We'll Pay For Shipping Too).

We're Confident you'll love the mower and See the Benefits

Demo Process

Receiving a Demo Mower 

Call or Message Us With Your Request To Demo. 
Call: 317-402-4668

Your Course Superintendent should Review and Approve the Purchase Incentive Program Agreement

A Credit Card number and a refundable $250 will be kept on file during the demo period.

A New Professional Greens Mower is Shipped to Your Facility via UPS.

Demo At Your Course for 30 Days, Risk-Free.

30 Days starts on the day of delivery to your facility.

Like It?

From your instructions, we'll charge your credit card on file OR send an invoice. 

Not For Your Course?

We'll send you repackaging instructions, label, and a pickup day. Your deposit to be refunded within 3 business days of a successful inspection.


Q: Who Can Participate in this Demo Program?

A: The Program is valid only for current Golf Course Superintendents/Golf Courses or other approved Professional Golf Organizations. If you are employed by a Professional Golf Organization and want a demo, please contact us. Hudson Star Greens Mowers reserves the right to approve or deny Program participation. 

Q: What if we like the mower?

A: Contact us with your decision to keep as soon as possible. Let us know if you'd prefer us to charge the credit card on file or electronically send you an invoice. Invoice payment is due 15 days from date of invoice or 35 days from receipt of the equipment, whichever is later.

Q: What if the mower is unsuitable and we'd like to return it?

A: We will send you repackaging instructions with pictures. Please retain all packaging until a decision is made to keep or return the mower. The mower must be shipped back in the original packaging  and in good condition. Upon return and an inspection at our manufacturing facility, your $250 will be refunded within 3 business days. 

Q: Who pays for shipping?

A: Hudson Star pays for the cost of  all shipping to your facility and, if returned, from the facility back to us. 

Please refer to the Demo agreement 

Call 317-402-4668 to Demo or if you have any questions.

The Classic Cut
Greens Mower

More Info & Pricing

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