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Lightweight For Collars, Hills, & Tricky Turf

Affordable Professional Cut


11 Blade Reel

3/32" - 3/4" Height of Cut

82 lbs

Classic Cut

Classic Cut

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Your mowers were a big part of our success with the PGA Championship last August.  If you got a wave of interest in the fall, it’s because we turned on about a dozen supers to your mowers.  We mowed our collar and fairway tie ins with them at .250 height of cut. They went out both morning and evening all seven days during the Championship. 

 - Keith Wood, Superintendent Quail Hollow Golf Club



Areas Courses Are Using Our Product

- Teeboxes

- Steep Hills

- Collar, Tie Ins,  & Intermediates

- Tight Edges & Drop Off's

- Spongy or Wet Turf 

- Near Clubhouses, Residential or Other Quiet Cutting Areas

- Inaccessible Areas

- Approach Areas

- Delegating Greens Mowing to Summer Help

- Scarred, Recovering, or Heat Stressed Turf

- Tournament Preparation 

- Used as an Affordable Backup Greens Mower

- Near Bunkers & Water

- New Sod or Nursery Areas

- Island Greens

- Cutting After Heavy Rainfall

Used On

Get Tournament Ready.

No Collar Boards

Greens or Collars

Never Leak Oil

[Classic Cut] suits our needs perfectly, and we’d like to add another one to help us get through the job more efficiently.  We use them on our expanded collars that are very steep.  Your machines allow us to mow bentgrass at .350” with no gouging or scalping. 

 - Jake Schmitz, Superintendent Olympic Hills Golf Club



minimize turf impact

No Scarring: Ribbed Rollers & Clutch Bearings

No Scalping: Contour Undulations With Ease

82 lbs



minimize Training

Bringing In Summer or Tournament Help?

Delegate More: Easily Send Others Out to Cut