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the most lightweight Professional Cut



Areas Courses Are Using cLASSIC cUT

- Teeboxes

- Steep Hills

- Collar, Tie Ins,  & Intermediates

- Tight Edges & Drop Off's

- Spongy or Wet Turf 

- Near Clubhouses, Residential or Other Quiet Cutting Areas

- Inaccessible Areas

- Approach Areas

- Delegating Greens Mowing to Summer Help

- Scarred, Recovering, or Heat Stressed Turf

- Tournament Preparation 

- Used as an Affordable Backup Greens Mower

- Near Bunkers & Water

- New Sod or Nursery Areas

- Island Greens

- Cutting After Heavy Rainfall


11 Blade Reel

3/32" - 3/4" Height of Cut

82 lbs Total Weight

Classic Cut

Classic Cut

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We use your mowers on steep hills where other larger mowers can't get to.

 - Jeff Reich, Superintendent TPC River Highlands



Get Tournament Ready.

No Collar Boards

Greens or Collars

Never Leak Oil